Legoland Water Park Italy: Price, Tickets & Secrets

The LEGOLAND Water Park in Italy is situated inside the Gardaland theme park, and access is only available with a combined Gardaland Park and LEGOLAND Water Park pass.

Any park pass can be upgraded to include admission to LEGOLAND Water Park in Italy for an additional charge, which can be paid at the ticket booths or inside Gardaland Park.

Gardaland reopens with Legoland from June 15

After long months of waiting, Gardaland park will officially open its 2021 season on June 15. “We are thrilled to finally return to welcome our guests and be able to offer them days of fun and entertainment.” This was stated by Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO of Gardaland.

Waiting for the guests, he announces, “a great and long-awaited novelty, Legoland Water Park Gardaland, the first Legoland Water Park in Europe and the fifth in the world.”

What is Legoland, Lego-themed water park?

The Water Park, for which 20 million euros have been allocated, will be entirely Lego-themed and will be the first in the world to be built inside a Resort Park not branded Legoland. Safety, stresses the CEO, remains a fundamental objective for Gardaland.

This will continue to apply in the Park, also for the season 2021, the protocol developed last year, for which 1 million euro was allocated and which foresees, for example, the limitation of daily entrances, the mandatory reservation of the date of access to the Park and the required use of the mask.

Tickets & Season Passes

Gardaland Park Tickets

Are you ready for an adventure filled with excitement and magic? Look no further than Gardaland Park! From March 25th to November 5th, you can experience the wonder and thrills of one of Italy’s most popular theme parks. And the best part? You can save money and time by purchasing your Gardaland Park tickets ahead of time, at the best price compared to buying them at the ticket office. So choose your visit date, grab your tickets, and get ready to create unforgettable memories at Gardaland!

Online PriceFull Price
1 Day Park€39€50
1 Day Park + 1 Day Aquarium€45€56
2 Days Park€47€63
Gardaland Park Tickets

Legoland’s Attractions

Miniland in Legoland Water Park in Italy

Legoland water park In Italy

Visit Miniland, a theme park with over 4 million LEGO bricks that is one of a kind in the world! When strolling through the different theme areas or sailing the LEGO River Adventure, admire the most majestic monuments of Italy designed to scale, such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

River Adventure with LEGO

Legoland water park In Italy

Customize your raft with colorful floating LEGO bricks and let the river’s slow current carry you away. Pass through the enchanting underwater grotto and marvel at some of Miniland’s most stunning monuments!

Party on the Beach in the Legoland Water Park in Italy

Legoland water park In Italy

The Beach Party is a one-of-a-kind experience where the fun never stops! There are many levels of play areas to explore, as well as several colorful slides to keep you entertained. Watch out for the cannons, which fire water from every direction, and the great tower, which rains buckets of water from the top!

DUPLO Splash

When the little ones want to get into the water, DUPLO Splash is the perfect area for them! Discover all of the aquatic animals who, from the jungle to the polar regions, are ready to spray water with you!

Jungle Adventure

The slides of the Jungle await you with lots of fun for the entire family. Choose the slide you prefer and begin the most adventurous descent there is! Whether free-style, by raft, in the daylight or in the dark, what is important is being the first one to reach the bottom of the slide!

Jungle Oasis

Welcome explorer! Meet all of the animals of the jungle rebuilt with LEGO models, play with your friends in the crocodile puddle and do not miss an opportunity to take a souvenir photo! Cooling down has never been such fun!

Pirate Bay

The ideal place for the entire family to swim, cool down or simply relax. Gradually go into the swimming pool and you will be able to adventure into the water like a true pirate to battle the LEGO characters with sprays of water until the magnificent fortress has been conquered.

LEGO Creation Island

An island of discovery and imagination where you can set your creativity free. Decorate the great sand castle, build boats and ships with the LEGO bricks, anything that your imagination can think of!

Legoland Water park in Italy

DUPLO Water Works in Legoland Water Park in Italy

Do you need a break after all this water fun? Let your imagination loose with interactive and educational activities: build bridges, dams and cities with the DUPLO bricks and see how you succeed against the powerful jets of water.

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