Palatine Hill Self Guided Tour

Palatine Hill Self Guided Tour

Are you interested in exploring the lesser-known corners of Rome? Then a Palatine Hill self-guided tour is an absolute must! While many tourists consider it an extra credit after the Forum, this magnificent site offers insight into the greatness of Rome that’s well worth the effort. With almost no tourists in sight, Palatine Hill is packed with history, including the huge Imperial Palace, the huts of Romulus, and a breathtaking view of the Circus Maximus.

As you wander through the ruins, you’ll be able to bring the remains of this once-great civilization to life. So why not become a 19th-century poet or painter on the Grand Tour and meditate on the destiny of Rome’s ruins? Don’t forget to purchase a Full Experience ticket if you want to see both Palatine Hill and the Forum in a single visit. Start with the Forum, then proceed to Palatine Hill if you have enough time, stamina, and interest. Just remember, don’t exit Palatine Hill through the turnstiles hoping to walk to the Forum and re-enter; you won’t be allowed back in.

Let’s start the Palatine Hill Self Guided Tour.

Before Starting

To visit the Forum, Colosseum, and Palatine Hill, you can purchase the basic ticket for €18, valid for 24 hours, or the Full Experience ticket for €24, which covers all three sights and allows you to spread your visit over two days, valid for 48 hours. Keep in mind that tickets must be booked in advance at as on-site sales are not available.

The hours of operation are daily from 9:00 until one hour before sunset, with the last entry one hour before closing. To obtain more information, you can call the center at +39 06 3996 7700 (English spoken, daily 10:00-15:00) or visit

For a pleasant experience, we suggest visiting Palatine Hill at the end of the day when it’s cool and peaceful. To get there, take the Metro to Colosseo or buses #51, #75, #85, #87, and #118 that stop along Via dei Fori Imperiali near the Colosseum, the Forum, and Piazza Venezia (note that buses do not run on this street on Sundays, but they still stop nearby).

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