Tipping in Rome

Tipping in Rome is a common practice, but it is not as mandatory or generous as in some other countries. Depending on the service and the situation, you may want to leave a small tip or round up the bill to show your appreciation. However, you should also be aware of some rules and customs that apply to tipping in Rome, such as when to tip, how much to tip, and who to tip.

Tipping in Rome: What do you need to know

Tipping When you dine in Italy, the menu prices already include service. But you can still show your appreciation to the waiter by leaving an extra 5%–10% tip, or a few euros, depending on how happy you are with the service.

Also, tip €1 per person for the coat check, €0.50 for the bathroom, and more if you’re in a fancy place.

At a coffee bar, tip €0.05–€0.10 if you drink standing up, €0.20-€0.50 or more if you sit down.

At a hotel bar, tip €1 or more for a couple of cocktails, and more if you’re in a swanky hotel.

Do you tip taxis in Rome?

Do you tip taxis in Rome? For taxi drivers, just round up to the nearest euro, at least €0.50.

Give a barber €1–€1.50 and a hairdresser’s assistant €1.50–€4 for a shampoo or cut, depending on how posh the place is and how much you pay; 5%–10% is a good rule of thumb.

On private tours, tip your guides 10% to show your gratitude.

In museums and other free attractions, leave a donation; anything from €0.50 to €1 for one or two people, more if the staff has been extra helpful.

At gas stations, tip only for special services. Sometimes you’ll see non-uniformed attendants working for tips at night. Give €0.50 to €1 if they fill up your tank.

In hotels, tip the concierge about 15% of his bill for services, or €2.50–€5 if he has been generally helpful. For two people in a double room, leave the maid about €1 per day, or about €4–€6 a week, in a moderate hotel; tip at least €1 for valet or room service. In a pricey hotel, increase these tips by half. In a very pricey hotel, double them. In very pricey hotels, tip doormen €0.50 for hailing a cab and €1 for carrying bags to the check-in desk, bellhops €1.50–€2.50 for carrying your bags to the room, and €2–€2.50 for room service.

Tipping in Rome is a way of expressing your satisfaction and gratitude for the service you receive. However, it is not obligatory or expected in every situation. You should always check your bill for any service charges, and tip accordingly. You should also be mindful of the local etiquette and culture, and tip the appropriate amount and person. By following these tips, you can tip in Rome with confidence and enjoy your stay in the Eternal City.

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